Ranjan Ramchandani  is a Singapore based published  photographer/author focusing on digital art, as well as portraiture, street, landscape and wildlife photography. He calls himself a life long student of photography who does not like being catogarized in any one genre. He says photography is a learning  process and one always  learns something new from everyone provided you are willing to look and listen.

Born on June 1st 1964, Ranjan had a natural flair for photography since childhood, studied it in school, followed by self- learning and workshops over the last decade. More recently he has honed his skills through photography expeditions around the globe ,  which  include  major  wildlife  destinations  in  India,  Sri Lanka and Africa. He is also a  graduate from  the New York Institute of Photography.

To Ranjan photography is an art - A true medium of  self-expression. After his visits to Ladakh  in northern  India he was inspired to do  his  first  coffee table  book, “Swades; Ladakh:  The Land of  Splendour”, published by Knowledge  World Publishers, in September 2010, to  showcase the beauty of the region. To  travel  with  him on one of his adventures, he can be contacted at ranjan@ranjan.photography.

Ranjan  has thereafter  been  covered  and  published in  various  media  in India  and the US - Sanctuary Asia Publication, Green  Leaf, BanyoPran and Outdoor Photographer.

He has also been exhibited through a number of shows:
1. Solo show “Blow Horn”, by Arushi Arts, New Delhi, India, 2011
2. Curetted for the group show “Harvest 2011”, New Delhi, India, 2011
3. Joint show at The American Club, Singapore, 2012
4. Solo show “Banaras” by Gallery Krisstel Martin, Singapore, 2012
5. Participated in a group Show with Indigo Art, Singapore – The Black Frame Project, 2014
6. Works were curetted and shown at the 3rd International Biennial of fine art and documentary photography
6. Solo show “Through my lens” with Indogo Art, Singapore in April 2015
7. Group show ‘Nomade’ with The Right Side in February 2016.

Recognition and awards:

7th Edition Pollux Awards
Category - ‘People, culture and daily life’ - Finalist
Category - ‘Animals and wildlife’ - Runners up
Category - ‘Portraits’ - Finalist
Best Photos Competition by ‘The Gala Awards’
2 images as finalists among the top 24 photographers.

Images were curetted and exhibited in the 3rd International Biennial of fine art and documentary photography, held at the Heritage Municipal Museum in Malaga, Spain

The Black & White Charles Dodgson Award – Finalist

The Primary Colours Competition by ‘The Gala Awards’ – Finalist

8th Edition Pollux Awards
Category - ‘Fine Art’ - Finalist
Category - ‘Landscapes’ – Finalist
Category - ‘People and Culture’ - Runners up
Category - ‘Portraits’ - Finalist

The Smitsonian.com
Images selected as ‘Editors pick’ ‘

Canon EOS World’ community, Singapore – Ambassador


MIFA (Moscow International Foto awards) 2 images (Categories of Wildlife & Portraiture) were selected for honourable mentions.

Prix De La Photographie Paris (PX3) 4 images across various genres were selected for honourable mentions.

International  Photographer of  the year – 2 images (Categories of  Nature/Wildlife and People/Travel)  were  selected for Honourable mentions.

Images curetted and shown in the 4th Biennial of fine art and documentary photography at Berlin, Germany in October.

9th Edition Pollux Awards
Category – People, Culture and Daily life (Series) Runners up